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MKAL Fliegender Teppich

When Jesus was born, also shepherds wanted to visit the newborn baby. They were not rich people, but nevertheless they had gifts with them, nothing luxurious and expensive, just what they could give, some wool from their sheep, some milk, maybe some cheese and bread, things like these. A little boy very carefully carried a crock with milk for the baby but suddenly he stumbled and the pottery felt down and broke. The boy weeped bitterly. But there, where his tears touched the ground a beautiful flower grew up and the boy picked it up and after all he could come to the crib with a present.
This Christmas rose is regarded as a symbol of hope until today, like Christ is the hope for all mankind.
Our this year's Christmas shawl should remember the flower of hope. We will knit a blossom as a "Pi-shawlette" with simple fairisle patterns. Again dibadu's Twisted Fifties will be used, as an 8 skein gradient together with two skeins of a contrast color. As always they will be a new gradient edition especially for this shawl. The next shopupdate with the yarn will be on November 15th. The shawl will become rather big and who wants to take part will need some endurance for sure, but then you can stylishly warm up yourself with our beautiful Chrismas flower.
As always, the parts of the pattern will be ready for download on fridays before the sundays in advent: 29.11., 6.12., 13.12. and 20.12.
The pattern will be free until 6.1.2020.
Please note: this KAL-pattern is available for everybody as a little Christmas gift, but only until 6th of January 2019!
The pattern and this text are designed by Barbara Laumbacher. We are so happy about this and want to say thank you at this place.
Also to Mara Laumbacher, who paintet the Picture for our KAL.

As last years there will be again lots of chatter and knitting in our group on ravelry. We are looking forward to a nice, pre-Christmas knitting.
From now on the picture is availiable for download. You are welcome to use it on ravelry, instagram or in your blog to mark that you are joining us for this venture.
please use hashtags #dibadumkal2019 #christrosemkal #bycrocodile please be aware that there will be spoilers on instagram so avoid broswsing in case you want to explore the clues on your own.

Downloads will be available here:


Part 1 (will be published on november 29)

Part 2 (will be published on december 6)

Part 3 (will be published on december 13)

Part 4 (will be published on december 20)

Part 1-4 (will be published on december 31)

As always the pattern will be free until January 6th 2020

Für die deutsche Version hier klicken

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